4 Tips Before A Chemical Peel

Posted on: 5 January 2023

Chemical peels are a popular cosmetic treatment because they are affordable, non-invasive, and have great results. Chemical peels are facials where your esthetician applies a powerful chemical exfoliant to your skin. After your chemical peel, the top layer of your skin will begin to slough off, revealing younger, healthier-looking skin underneath. Before getting your first chemical peel, be sure to read over these tips.

Start With a Skin Care Consultation

Before scheduling your chemical peel, be sure to start with a consultation appointment. Most med spas offer these at a nominal cost which can then be applied toward your chemical peel. At your consultation, your esthetician will ask you questions about your skin and beauty goals and concerns, and also evaluate your skin. They will then be able to recommend a customized regimen for you, including chemical peels.

Decide Which Strength of Peel You Would Like

Chemical peels are typically offered in three strengths: mild, medium, and deep. A mild peel is usually quite gentle and doesn't require any real downtime, but you may need a series of peels before you see serious results. Deep chemical peels offer more dramatic results, reducing age spots, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines even after the first chemical peel. They do, however, cause your skin to peel dramatically for several days.

A medium peel is of course right in the middle of these two and can be a great option if you want an effective peel with a moderate amount of downtime.

Time Your Chemical Peel Carefully

Even with a mild chemical peel, your skin may be red and peel for a few days or so afterward. Stronger peels will involve more redness and peeling, which may last a week or even longer. For these reasons, it's not a good idea to schedule a chemical peel right before an important event or vacation. Instead, schedule it for a couple of weeks before you want to have beautiful, glowing skin.

Plan to Take Extra Care of Your Skin Afterward

While your skin is healing from your chemical peel, it's important to avoid any skincare products with harsh ingredients. Instead, use gentle products and focus on moisturizing. You will also want to be diligent about sunblock as chemical peels can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Chemical peels are a great solution to a variety of skin concerns. Just remember to schedule a consultation first and follow the tips shared here.


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