3 Tips For Your First Microneedling Treatment

Posted on: 11 November 2022

microneedling is a cosmetic skincare treatment that combines microneedling with high-frequency laser technology. This is considered an advanced facial using cutting-edge technology to bring you great results quickly. The microneedling treatment helps stimulate collagen and encourages healing. You can expect smoother, more even-looking, and younger-looking skin afterward. Here are three tips for your first microneedling treatment.

Know When to Expect Results

After your microneedling treatment, you will likely see some results right away. In particular, you may notice more of a glow to your skin and that some lines and wrinkles are diminished. However, the best results from microneedling will continue to appear for weeks or even months after your treatment. This happens because the treatment stimulates new collagen growth, which will happen gradually over time. 

In short, while your skin will likely look great right after your microneedling treatment, it will also continue to improve even more as more collagen is built. Your skin will become more plump, smooth, and even.

Don't Worry About Pain

It is normal to be a little nervous about pain or discomfort before a new cosmetic treatment, but with a microneedling treatment, there is nothing to worry about. Your aesthetician will apply topical anesthesia to your skin before your treatment, and you will then relax while it kicks in. Before beginning your treatment, your aesthetician will ensure your skin is adequately numb before beginning the procedure.

You can also take anti-inflammatory pain medication before the procedure, but be sure to let your aesthetician know ahead of time if you plan to do so. They will advise you regarding the appropriate timing and dosage.

Expect Minimal Downtime

One of the main benefits of microneedling treatment is that it offers dramatic results with minimal downtime. Your skin may be a bit red and inflamed for a day or two after your procedure, but this will fade quickly. Your aesthetician will likely send you home with after-care instructions as well as skincare products after your treatment.

It is important to only use the recommended products as these are designed to promote quick healing. Your skin will likely be a bit sensitive and delicate after your microneedling treatment, so you will need to avoid harsh products and be gentle when you wash your face.

If a microneedling treatment sounds appealing, start with a consultation appointment. Your esthetician will evaluate your skin, ask questions about your skincare goals, and create a treatment plan incorporating microneedling treatments. 

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