Your Brief Guide On Breast Lifts

Posted on: 5 October 2021

A breast lift is a very common procedure that is often done to reverse the results of breast sagging, which can occur for numerous reasons. This guide on breast lifts will provide you with examples of things that can lead to crests sagging, explain some ways this can be bothersome, and help you see how a breast lift may be a good option for you. 

Things that can cause breasts to sag

Age is one of the main reasons for breasts to sag. As you age, your skin will lose its elasticity, causing gravity to affect your breasts by allowing them to sag.  Another thing that can cause breasts to sag is losing weight, especially if the weight loss is significant or if it is rapid. Large breasts will normally sag sooner than smaller breasts. The reason for this is their weight pulls them down more so due to gravity. 

Reasons why sagging breasts can be problematic

One of the things about sagging breasts that may bother you the most is that you may not feel comfortable wearing things you once felt good in. A couple of examples of these types of clothing include bikini bathing suits, tight shirts, or low-cut blouses. 

If you have very large breasts, then you can find they can also give you more of an aching back when they start to sag. The added weight of them pulling downward will put more of a strain on your back, which causes the pain. 

Sagging breasts can also give you an older appearance, as perky breasts that are located in their higher position are associated with youthfulness. 

How a breast lift can help you 

A breast lift is done by removing the excess skin and tightening the rest. When the excess skin has been removed, the breasts will no longer be saggy. Also, a breast lift will help to give you breasts that have a nicer, fuller look and feel to them. 

Some people also opt to have breast augmentation done at the same time so they can have breasts that no longer sag and that are the size you would like them to be. Also, the nipples will be adjusted so they are also pointing in a more upward manner since they generally begin to point downward as the breasts sag. 

When you have had a breast lift, you may find you want to replace many of your outfits because you will once again feel good wearing more revealing clothing. Most people experience a huge improvement in their self-esteem after a breast lift as well.

Contact a local cosmetic surgeon to learn more about breast lifts.


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