4 Things You Should Know About Breast Lifts

Posted on: 15 May 2020

When you age, your body produces less collagen. Your skin grows less elastic, and parts of your body can begin to sag. Many women notice this sagging in their breasts, especially if they have a full bust. If you're embarrassed or upset by sagging breasts, a breast lift can restore lost perkiness. Here are four things you should know about the breast lift procedure.

1. You will likely have a scar.

Unlike breast augmentation, which can sometimes be performed without a visible scar, a breast lift procedure will likely leave you with a small scar. Visible scars are caused by the placement of your doctor's incision. In order to reshape your breasts, your doctor will need to cut vertically down your breasts, starting from your nipples. A portion of the incision can be hidden in your inframammary fold. You can reduce the amount of scarring you experience by caring for your incision while it heals. Rubbing silicone scar gel into your healing incision can help to lighten and fade scars.

2. Your doctor can reduce the size of your nipples.

As gravity affects the shape and placement of your breasts, it can also change the size of your nipples. Some women experience an enlargement of their nipples when their breasts begin to sag. Your doctor can reduce the size of your nipples during your breast lift. When making an incision around your nipple, your doctor can choose to cut away some of the skin of your areola. The result will be smaller, more proportional nipples.

3. You will experience some swelling after surgery.

Swelling is your body's natural response to trauma. Your breasts may look swollen or enlarged after surgery, but these side effects will fade. You'll have to wait a few weeks post-surgery to see your final results. Your doctor will be available to answer any questions you may have in the meantime.

4. You will get the best results by waiting until your body has finished undergoing major changes.

There are many things that can cause drastic changes in the shape and size of your body. Pregnancy, weight gain, and weight loss will affect your overall figure, including the size of your breasts. Breast lifts can be performed at any time. However, subsequent changes to your body can affect your results negatively. In order to get the lifted, youthful look you want, put off having a breast lift until after you've finished childbearing and breastfeeding. If you plan to lose or gain weight, do so before scheduling a breast lift consultation.


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