This Is Why Getting Your Extra Skin Removed After Abdominal Weight Loss Is A Must

Posted on: 9 December 2019

Many people put their minds to losing weight only to be disappointed in how they look after they're done. Unfortunately, loose and baggy skin is often a side effect of losing weight. While you can rest assured that you're healthier now for losing it, you might not be happy with how you look. And if that weren't enough, there are some health risks that come with that excess skin, too. Here's why you should strongly consider having a tummy tuck to remove excess skin from your abdomen after weight loss.


One of the first problems you're probably already facing with your weight loss is irritation in the area where you have the most loose skin. Irritation typically develops because the excess skin is rubbing against itself. This is a big problem, as this irritation often doesn't stay as a simple nuisance and can become a major health problem instead.

Health Risks

When excess skin rubs against itself like that, it can turn into an entirely different problem. Rashes and tears in the skin can develop. In addition, skin that's folded over on itself is more likely to collect - and keep - sweat and moisture. This makes it a great place for bacteria to grow, which makes it even more dangerous if you develop an open sore or rash.

It's entirely possible for excess skin to become infected due to this problem. While there are some solutions you can look into, like wearing a body brief that prevents the skin from chafing and rubbing on itself, it's not a guarantee that you won't have this problem, especially since it will be increasing the risk of holding in moisture and bacteria.

What to Do

You've put in the time and commitment to losing weight, so you should follow it up with a similar level of commitment and go ahead and have surgery.

Surgery, or tummy tucks, for this kind of excess skin are a fairly easy process for surgeons and the operation is performed daily by surgeons all over the world.

Tummy tucks remove the excess skin while you're under general anesthesia. They cut away the excess, remove any lingering unwanted fat, and then tighten up the muscle layer so that it gives the firm appearance you want for your abdomen. Then everything is closed back up and you're sent home to relax and heal.

Recovery will take some time, and you may not see a flat belly immediately due to temporary swelling. However, after you've healed some, you should notice a tremendous difference in how you look - the excess skin will be gone, and your abdomen will be far flatter.

For more information, check out places such as The Ferguson Clinic.


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