3 Surprising Signs You Should Have A Breast Reduction

Posted on: 5 December 2018

For many women, their breasts are a key part of their feminine appearance. For others, their breasts are a main cause of aches and pains. As a matter of fact, most women who have a D-size beast cup or larger will experience upper back pain. Breast reduction surgery can be beneficial for women who have large breasts that are causing back pain. However, there are other reasons to undergo this surgical procedure. Here are a few surprising signs you should consider breast reduction surgery.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Large breasts do weight down the spine, resulting in pain and an unnatural curvature of the back. As the breasts weigh down the spine, the weight pulls on the neck and shoulders, too. Therefore, many women will experience neck and shoulder pain because of their large breasts.

If your back, neck, and shoulder pain are affecting your daily life and ability to perform normal everyday activities, consult your doctor about a breast reduction. Although invasive, the surgery is a better long-term solution to your pain as opposed to taking medications to relieve the pain.

Yeast Infections

You may be surprised to learn that a yeast infection is another reason you should consider breast reduction. Of course, the location of the yeast infection is not where you would think.

Throughout the day and night, the skin hidden under the breasts will be warm and moist, which is an appealing breeding ground for yeast. Signs of yeast infections include itchiness, discomfort, and a white, thick residue similar to the discharge you may develop if you have a vaginal yeast infection.

There are medications to treat the yeast infection, but if you are constantly dealing with the symptoms, reducing and lifting your breasts may be an option to consider.


Finally, and maybe even most surprisingly, women with large breasts may experience numbness in different areas of their body.

The extra weight of the breasts will pull on the spine and torso, as mentioned earlier. This stress can also affect your nerves, resulting in numbness and tingling in your fingers and toes.

Another area that may become numb is your nipple. Most women have sensitive nipples, but women with larger breasts tend to have a decreased nipple sensitivity because of the extra weight and effects on the nerves.

If you are experiencing the above signs, it is most likely time to ask about a breast reduction. From an improved physical health and quality of life, the benefits should be easy to see. 


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