3 Options To Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Posted on: 2 October 2018

If it feels like you are indefinitely working towards your weight loss goals with little or no progress, it may be time to consider solutions to help you achieve your desired outcome. Surgical procedures, non-surgical solutions, and guided weight loss programs are just a few options that might work for you.

1. Surgical Body Contouring

One problem with losing weight is that you can't control where the weight comes off your body. If you feel like you hold excessive weight in specific areas, surgical body contouring is one option to remove fat and loose skin specifically from these problem spots.

Conventional liposuction is one of the most common types of surgical body contouring. Your surgeon inserts a tube into the body to remove fat from specific regions. Liposuction may also be combined with skin removal surgery to help you achieve your desired results. Though surgical liposuction is effective, it does require a certain amount of downtime for your body to properly recover. 

2. Non-Surgical Liposuction

Non-surgical liposuction reduces body fat in targeted areas of the body. The procedure uses some type of energy, such as a laser or ultrasound, to reduce the amount of fat cells in the body. Since the procedure does not require an incision, there is no recovery period. There is also a minimal chance of incurring an infection or suffering significant pain after the procedure.

Depending on how much fat you want to get rid of, you may need to have multiple sessions or combine the procedure with a weight loss program. It may take a few weeks to see results from each session and determine where exactly fat reduction occurred. However, your technician can alter the procedure with each session so that it continues to help you work towards your weight loss goals. 

3. Regimented Weight Loss Programs

Many individuals feel like they struggle with low energy, a sluggish metabolism, or constant hunger pains. If you struggle with or all of these issues, a regimented weight loss program might be best for you.

You'll typically start your program by answering a few questions concerning your weight loss goals and medical history. Then, your provider will craft a plan to help you lose weight. Some of the items that your plan might include are HCG injections, appetite suppressant pills, and vitamins.

You might take your supplements in pill form or receive regular injections. Your provider will also formulate a meal and exercise plan to ensure that your calorie consumption and activity levels are appropriate. For more information, contact your local weight loss services.


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