What To Expect After You Have Your Rhinoplasty Surgery

Posted on: 25 July 2018

If you have decided that you would like to have a cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery, otherwise known as a nose job, you will want to learn what you can expect in the days following the procedure. The more you know, the easier it may be for you to prepare and to get through the entire process.

Your Bruising May Get A Little Worse

You might leave the hospital or outpatient center with a little bruising, but it is likely to get a little worse over the next day or so. However, the bruising should start to get a little better each day after that until all of the bruising is gone.

You May Experience Some Temporary Numbing

The amount of numbing that you experience and the exact location you may experience it may be different than someone else who has gone through the same exact surgery. Some of the places that are commonly prone to numbing sensations include the tip of the noise, the roof of your mouth, or even around the upper teeth in the front of your mouth.

You May Have Some Extra Mucus

It might be uncomfortable to deal with, but it is nothing to be alarmed about. The presence of extra mucus is pretty standard after this type of surgery, and it is usually the result of the splints in the noise causing the additional production of the mucus. Once you return for your follow up visit, and the splints are removed, the extra mucus production will cease.

You May Not Smell As Well

A change in your ability to smell things may be startling, but it is usually a temporary side effect that you will only experience for a couple of weeks. As you heal, you will start to regain a lot of your smell back.

Along with this, you might even notice that there is a slight change in how things taste. Just like your altered sense of smell, this is a side effect that will go away after a very short amount of time.

There may be some other things that you can expect to happen after the completion of your rhinoplasty surgery. You will want to make sure that you are asking questions and getting all of the information from your surgeon as you can during your initial consultation. If you have already had your initial consultation, you can simply give the surgeon's office to get more information.


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