Eliminating Unwanted Stomach Fat With A Coolsculpting Treatment

Posted on: 9 June 2016

If you are suffering from excess body fat in the stomach area, you may be interested in finding ways to eliminate it effectively. Many people shy away from surgical procedures due to the risks involved, making them need to rely on eating and exercise habits to eliminate this weight. If you have had difficulty in removing the fat on your own, consider trying a coolsculpting treatment to do the work for you. This non-invasive method in taking away unwanted stomach fat may be the answer to your problem.

What Is Coolsculpting And How Does It Work

Coolscupting was brought to the public's attention in 2010 as a new means to remove body fat. The process, called cryolipolysis, involves the use of cool temperatures applied to the areas where fat is to be removed. The freezing of the fat cells under skin will cause them to stop living. When they die, they are absorbed into the body and eliminated naturally in time. 

What Can Be Expected During A Treatment

When you see a physician to have a coolsculpting treatment, you will first need to fill out paperwork about your current state of health. The physician will do a complete check-up to make sure you are a candidate before starting the process. They will then use a device to target the areas where you wish fat to be eliminated. This cooling device has a gel pad on the end, as well as a vacuum extractor. The vacuum will pull the fat cells inside the body directly underneath the skin so it is within proximity of the cooling applicator. 

The fat cells are cooled for about five to ten minutes during each session. If there are larger areas being treated, the doctor will move the device toward another area of the stomach to continue the treatment. You will feel only minimal pain and may feel numb from the cooling. You may also feel some pulling from the vacuum portion of the device. Since there is little pain involved in the process, there is no need for anesthesia, allowing you to relax and observe the process while having the treatment.

What Needs To Be Done After The Process Is Over

Your doctor will let you know if more than one treatment is needed to combat the number of fat cells you have in your stomach area. You may have some redness, bruising or soreness in the days after the treatment, but these will not restrict your actions in most cases. Many people see results as little as three weeks after the treatment is given, and you may continue to observe the elimination of fat for months afterward. Eating healthy and engaging in routine exercise will help maintain your new appearance. After your treatment is over, there is no need for resting or any special precautions to take, making it a great alternative over surgery as a result. Contact a business, such as Advanced Laser Solutions, for more information.   


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