3 Kinds Of Dermatologists

Posted on: 4 May 2016

Whether the issue you have with your skin is purely aesthetic or belies a deeper health related issue, there is a type of dermatologist that can help you with your problem. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn about three types of dermatologists who can help you with different types of skin issues or diseases.


A medical dermatologist is a health professional that works with individuals that have a skin issue or disease that is directly related to their health. Skin cancer and lupus are just two examples of the diseases that a medical dermatologist can help you with. There are also issues that are not life threatening, but certainly related to the status of one's health that a medical dermatologist can help you with. Among these issues, rashes and rosacea are included. Many skin related issues that pose a risk to your health are often covered by insurance, which is something those seeking aesthetic dermatology do not experience.


Surgical dermatologists work directly with both medical and aesthetic dermatologists. These are dermatologists who know how to perform invasive surgery. If an aesthetic or medical dermatologist determines that you should go under the knife, it will be a surgical dermatologist who performs the act of surgery itself. The surgeries which this kind of dermatologist performs vary. A surgical dermatologist might be removing a patch of skin cancer from one patient on one day, while on the next, he or she might be operating on a gland that is causing hyperpigmentation.


A cosmetic, or aesthetic, dermatologist is a dermatologist who works with patients or clients whose skin issues do not pose any significant threat to their health, but do cause blemishes or a general look with which the patient or client is not happy with. The issues that an aesthetic dermatologist often times works with range from scars to the presence of acne. An aesthetic dermatologist operates by diagnosing the issue revolving around the patient or client's skin and then treating the patient through prescription drugs, topical ointments, or laser based dermabrasion methods of skin removal.

If you are suffering from a skin related issue, take the time to phone a local dermatologist and discuss the matter with him or her. If your particular issue does not relate to his or her expertise, they will most likely point you in the right direction of a dermatologist who can help you. To learn more, contact a dermatology clinic like Appearance Dermatology


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